Alexander M. Christgau


Department of Mathematical Sciences

Universitetsparken 5

2100 Copenhagen


Hi, I am Alexander. I am studying for a PhD at the Copenhagen Causality Lab, where I am supervised by Niels Richard Hansen :sunglasses:

My research interests lie within mathematical statistics and machine learning, in particular causality, dynamical systems and high-dimensional statistics. If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to reach out!

I hold a bachelor degree in mathematics and a master degree in statistics, both attained at the University of Copenhagen.


Mar 28, 2022 How do you detect if a process influences another process after having adjusted for confounding? In our new work, Nonparametric Conditional Local Independence Testing, we solve this problem nonparametrically for the first time! Combining techniques from double machine learning and stochastic processes, we are able to show a new functional central limit theorem. This allows us to construct nonparametric tests in a general framework :muscle: [PDF] [Code]
Jan 31, 2022 In our new work, On Generators and Relations of the Rational Cohomology of Hilbert Schemes, we study an abstract algebra deeply related to the celebrated moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces. The paper is the final outcome of a project from a course in Experimental Mathematics. As such, it is a prime example of how experiments and computers can aid research in pure and abstract mathematics. [PDF] [Code]
Oct 7, 2021 We wrote a manuscript based on work from my master thesis: Moment evolution equations and moment matching for stochastic image EPDiff. [PDF] [Code]